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Piano Accompanying information for K-State Students and faculty


As K-State's faculty collaborative pianist, Amanda Arrington is available for many of the music program's on campus needs.
Below are the items and procedures for services available to students.

•    Fill out the accompaniment request form by September 1st for Fall Recitals and December 15th for Spring Recitals

•    Turn in your accompaniments at least five weeks before your recital date.

•    Schedule three rehearsals with Ms. Arrington.

•    Fill out the accompaniment request form at least one week before the performance.

•    Turn in your accompaniment at least one week before the performance.

•    Schedule one rehearsal with Ms. Arrington.


•    Fill out the accompaniment request form at least two weeks before your competition.

•    Turn in your accompaniment at least two weeks before your first round of competition.

•    Schedule one rehearsal for each round of competition.

Information for K-state faculty

•    Your studio teacher will inform you if Ms. Arrington will be accompanying your jury.

•    You will receive an email with instructions for turning in your accompaniment and scheduling a rehearsal.


My Wonderful Music Colleagues,


I am THRILLED to have the opportunity to collaborate with you! Below are descriptions of some performance options, along with a timeline for scheduling. Please shoot me an email, give me a call, or just drop by and see me if you'd like to schedule something, or if you have any questions or concerns! Thank you!





Assistant and Associate Professor Faculty Recitals

  • If you are an Assistant or Associate Professor interested in presenting your own solo recital, please let me now by FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 1st (Fall Semester) or FRIDAY, DECEMBER 15th (Spring Semester.)

  • The above deadline allows me a chance to prioritize your performance before offering times to additional faculty members and guest artists.

Faculty Showcase Series

  • There will be a few recitals each semester that can feature several faculty soloists and/or chamber groups. (Like a Showcase Recital for the faculty!) These events may be on or off campus and will be based around a theme and perhaps include an extra-musical element. (i.e. Italian Music and a Spaghetti Dinner!)

  • Information will be sent via email with an opportunity to indicate your interest and offer suggestions for future collaborative recitals. Reach out anytime if you'd like more information, or are interested in being a part of the organization team!

 Instructor, Full Professor and Guest Artist Recitals

  • Beginning SEPTEMBER 2nd (Fall Semester) or DECEMBER 16th (Spring Semester), I will be able to schedule Instructor, Full Professor, and Guest Artist Recitals, until my schedule is fully booked!
  • Feel free to reach out anytime if you have interest in scheduling one of these performances, and I will be in touch as early as September 2nd (Fall Semester) or December 16th (Spring Semester) to let you know if I can accept! (This date is after the Assistant and Associate Faculty Recitals, Faculty Showcase Series, and Student Degree Recitals have been scheduled, and my availability is dependent on how many of these priority performances have been scheduled.)

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